Traffic – from speeding fines to manslaughter.

If you pick up a speeding fine or any thing else up to and including causing the death of someone as a result of driving any type of motor vehicle - you need to get help immediately.

If your license was suspended, you are not allowed to drive anywhere, unless the court grants you special permission to drive in a limited capacity, such as to and from work. This is a serious matter.

The state of Ohio applies a point system for traffic violations.

If you speed 10 to 30 miles per hour (mph) over the limit, two points will likely be applied against your driving record. Four points could be applied if you drive 30 mph or more over the speeding limit. The more violations you incur, the more points will be applied against your driving record.

You will likely faced with a court-ordered suspension, if you were convicted of a DUI/OVI or reckless driving.

You may have been hit with an administrative-based suspension for six months, if you accumulated 12 points or more in two years on your driving record or if you failed to maintain insurance on your vehicle. Your driver's license could even be suspended for unrelated-traffic offenses such as failing to maintain child support.

Don't take the risk of "going it alone".