Juvenile Issues Require Special Handling

By definition, a juvenile matter is most often also a family matter. Representing children and teenagers also means working closely with parents or guardians. From the time of his own youth, Mr. Raymond Becker has found satisfaction in helping young people get through difficult situations, such as criminal charges like:

  • Vandalism, shoplifting or petty theft
  • Assault or sex crime charges
  • Traffic tickets

Mr. Becker welcomes the opportunity to help both young people and their parents or guardians face and overcome legal challenges such as these.

Custody, Visitation, Support

Other juvenile issues that Raymond Becker, Attorney at Law, handles are not usually criminal in nature, but they can be intense and worrisome for parents, especially. These issues include:

  • Child custody, including enforcement and modifications
  • Parental rights
  • Grandparents' rights
  • Child support, including enforcement and modifications
  • Child protection services (CPS) cases

You may be in trouble over failure to keep up with child support obligations through no fault of your own after an accidental injury or job layoff. You may be a custodial grandparent seeking a legal solution, such as guardianship, that will allow you to continue to give your grandchildren the security they need. You may be a parent at risk of removal of your child from the home by the state for reasons you wish to contest. You may wish to petition a juvenile court to enable you to keep your child away from the other parent because of criminal activity in that home or denial of your visitation rights.

Whatever criminal or family law-related juvenile issue you and your son or daughter face, you will appreciate the empathetic demeanor and strong problem-solving skills of Mr. Raymond Becker. With the spotlight on the best interests of the child and your own rights, together we will work on legal solutions designed to protect your child's well-being. The legal remedy appropriate for your child and your family is the end goal in your young person's juvenile matter.

Attorney Raymond Becker Is Here To Listen, Advise And Help

The solution in your son's or daughter's juvenile matter may take you by surprise. A compromise between what you want and what the other parent or the state demands may be achievable through compromise and negotiations — or a trial may be the only way to get the right result.

Discuss the legal challenge you and/or your minor child face. Discover a way forward that emphasizes your child's best interest as the guiding principle. Call 513-924-4595 or send an email inquiry through this website to schedule a consultation with a Cincinnati, Ohio, juvenile defense lawyer.