In Your Defense: Criminal Law Attorney Raymond Becker

Some criminal defense lawyers focus on minor crimes such as shoplifting, DUI and marijuana possession. Others thrive on representing clients in high-stakes felony cases involving violent crimes and complex conspiracies. Defense lawyer Raymond Becker does it all. He adeptly and determinedly handles a wide range of criminal matters, including:

A Criminal Law Attorney Ready To Fight For You

Never listen to a lawyer who says, "You have no case; there is no defense for you." Mr. Becker has taken on many challenging cases that other lawyers rejected. With decades of experience behind him, he is always ready for a new challenge. He is available to evaluate your criminal charges and devise promising strategies in your defense by:

  • Reviewing details of the charges against you in light of the circumstances of your arrest
  • Examining the evidence that law enforcement and a prosecutor may use against you
  • Preparing to petition the court for dismissal of evidence that police obtained through illegal search and seizure
  • Developing compelling arguments in your defense

In Pursuit Of A Renewed Lease On Life For You

The ultimate goal is the same in every criminal case that Raymond Becker, Attorney at Law, takes on: to get each person the best outcome attainable. Success varies from one set of facts and court to the next. Depending on unique aspects of your criminal case, Mr. Becker is here to fight for your freedom and your future. Your outcome might be:

  • Case dismissal
  • Probation
  • Deferred disposition
  • Acquittal
  • Reduced charges
  • Lesser penalties than expected

No criminal defense lawyer can promise a particular outcome in any given case. In the event that your case leads to conviction, Mr. Becker may appeal the verdict. To the greatest extent possible, he will argue persuasively on your behalf for the least punitive penalties or sentence.

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